Introducing the Tile-O-Matic

On June 16, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Jack Gieseking

The Make [Y]Our Mark Project proudly introduces the Tile-O-Matic, Vadnais Height’s first ever tile-painting-robot.

The Tile-O-Matic 3000 made it’s first public appearance last weekend at White Bear High School’s Senior All Night Party. Recent graduates and parents alike were amazed to learn that the Tile-O-Matic is a robot has actually been programed to paints tiles for participants, which do to the physical and mental fatigue of staying up all night, feel that they do not have the personal strength required to “sign”   the 1- inch square tile themselves.

Participants start by adjusting the three dials of the Tile-O-Matic, then deposit their blank tile into the tile depository and slide the drawer forward. This action starts the Tile-O-Matic. After about 30 seconds the Tile-O-Matic returns the freshly painted tile to it’s patron through the tile depository drawer.

Look for the amazing Tile-O-Matic Robot to appear at other Make [Y]Our Mark community events this summer!



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