Using this Site

This page will take you through everything you need to know about how to use this site.  For first time users, the only key thing you need to know is how to write a comment.

How to Comment
How to Join as an Author
How to Write a Post as an Author
How to Upload an Image from your Computer to a Post as an Author
How to Get Daily Updates by Subscribing to an RSS Feed

How to Comment

Comments are a feature of blogs which allow readers to respond to posts and they let people share their ideas. Typically readers simply provide their own thoughts regarding the content of the post, but users may also provide links to other resources, generate discussion, or simply compliment the author for a well-written post. When writing posts to the blog or making comments on other people’s posts, be conscious that your thoughts are public and project- and/or community-related. This text is borrowed from WordPress, the open-source software used to build this site.


How to Join as an Author

We would love to have more authors on the site!  Blog away!  Here are the steps to becoming an author and making a post:

1. Click on the Contact page here and fill in your relevant info — be sure to note the login you prefer
2. Within the next day or two, our web administrator will create a login and password for you that you will receive via email
3. Go to this link to login to the site


How to Write a Post as an Author

We would love to have more authors on the site!  Blog away!  Here are the steps to becoming an author and making a post:

1. Once logged in, use the links at the top to go to the Dashboard.
2. Now go the left menubar, go to Posts > Add New.
3. On the left menubar, go to Posts > Add NewGive your post a title and type away!
4. CATEGORIZE: After you are finished, be sure to assign your post the appropriate category that is listed on the right. The category should correspond with the date the assignment was given and the topic. For example, your first post could be assigned the categories “Culture” and “Historical Perspective.” Do NOT assign your own category; just choose from the selections available.
5. PUBLISH: Be sure to click “Publish” to see that your post can be seen on the website.
6. To see your post as it appears on the webpage, go to the Home page and click under the Categories in which you assigned your post.


How to Upload an Image from your Computer to a Post as an Author

Feel free to send Carly your photos directly via her email address listed under About the Author, or load them yourself as a blog author:

1. Once you’ve written your post, eave your cursor wherever you would like to insert your photo.
2. Click the small box icon to the right of “Upload/Insert” to insert a photo.
3. Choose an image from your computer and click “Upload images.” (The maximum image size is 2mb so you may need to edit it down. Search the web for easy instructions on how to do this.)

Now that your image is uploaded, you are ready to insert it to your post.

4. On the left menubar, go to Posts > Add New, and follow the directions above
5. Click on the Picture tab (the box above the text window) and select the image you would like to include in your post.
6. You may either adjust the Width x Height, Effect and Float according to your preference or leave it as is.
7. Click Insert.
8. A line of code, representing the image, will appear in your Writing Panel. You can write your post above or below the code, depending on how you wish your post to appear.
9. Click Publish and check the webpage to see that your image and post are displayed correctly.  Make certain to include a description of the image and where you captured it or downloaded it from to properly cite the artist and photographer.


How to Subscribe to a RSS Feed (and What a RSS Feed Is)

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a technology that aggregates all the new content on a particular web page and sends them directly to your Mail application or an RSS aggregator of your choice such as Google Reader. One convenience of subscribing to an RSS feed is that you don’t have to repeatedly check a webpage to see if it’s been updated; instead, you are notified of new content directly in your Mac Mail or Microsoft Outlook mail application or your Reader application.  This is an excellent way to keep up with what’s going on with the mural and our community!

1. Go to
2. In the drop down menu after “Subscribe to feed using…”, click Choose Application > Mail.
3. Click Subscribe Now.
4. Open your Mail application and check to see that the Announcements RSS feed has been added.


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