Putting Together a Community Masterpiece: Part 1

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Now that we’ve collected over 10,000 personalized wooden tiles from the community, it’s time to start building the mosaic.

The first step is organization, all tiles need to be arranged, checked, and divided according to number and color.  Every tile has a number written on it’s back that will help us track each individual contribution.  This way very artist in the community will be able to look up where their contribution to this piece in a directory.
























Photos by Sven B Mueller



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As of 5:05pm on Sunday August 21st we have reached our goal! I am thrilled to report that over Heritage days we were able to personalize the remaining tiles needed to finish the reflections mosaic. We had an amazing response during these Heritage days events, which pushed us over our goal.  Thank you so much to the entire community for coming out in support of this tremendous collective effort.

Here are some photos from our final tile-signing events:












































Photos by Sven B. Mueller


Bringing Neighborhoods Together

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Last week Vadnais residance Lisa Wersal, Louis Asher, Rick & Cathy Storey, Gene & Nancy Hoff, and Dick & Kathy Cochrane all helped host special -neighborhood tile-signing-events at the Vadnais Heights Commons. We had a great turn out for these events and really enjoyed the chance to bring these people together. Thank you Nick Banovetz and our party Co-Hosts for making this fun summer outing possible.

If you made your mark at one of these events, tell us what you painted on your tile and why…


Federal & Local Elected Officials Make Their Mark

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Federal and local elected officials came together last week to paint their tiles as part of Make [Y]Our Mark.  In attendance were Congresswoman Betty McCollum, Mrs. Franni Franken, Minnesota Representative Bev Scalze, Metropolitan Council Member and former Minnesota Senator Sandy Rummel, Ramsey County Sherriff Matt Bostrom, White Bear Lake Area Schools school board members, Mayor Susan Banovetz, Vadnais Heights City Administrator Gerry Urban and The Glassman Family among a list of other notable guests. Thank you all for your participation and public service!


Make [Y]Our Mark at Innovize

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Make [Y]Our Mark teamed up with Donatelli’s Pizza to host three tile-signing / pizza party events at Innovize, a local development and manufacturing company.

Thank you Innovize for helping us to personalize over 100 tiles, and a special thanks to Donatelli’s Pizza for their tremendous generosity in donating over 40 pizzas for these events!


Five Star Mobile Estates Ice Cream Social

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The Make [Y]Our Mark team had a great time and managed to mark more than 100 tiles at the Five Star Mobile Estates Ice Cream Social.  A special thanks goes out to Vicki Wilson and Mayor Susan Banovetz for helping to organize this event. Culver’s Restaurant very generously donated the delicious frozen custard and scooping staff that helped to serve up this special treat.  A big thanks also goes out to Trudy Anderson Irish for providing coffee and Lemonade, and all the impressive artists in this community that came out to make their mark and make this event a success!


Getting the Word Out

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Milena Higgins helped us to get her neighbors involved in the Make [Y]Our Mark project by holding a neighborhood gathering at one of our evening “tile signing” events at the Vadnais Heights Commons.





It was so much fun to have them all here painting together and coming up with some very creative tiles.








Best Friends Nicole and Leah each painted one side of a heart on their tiles.


I look forward to finding a great place to install these tiles in the community mosaic.

Do you have any other great ideas about how we can get the word out about this art project in the community? Please leave a comment, I would love to hear your suggestions.




What Did You Paint on Your Tile?

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Jake and his Fiance Amy Painted an extra tile for their Pug Gracie.






Troy and Dan painted tiles with artistic designs of peace, love and harmony.









I love the symbolism in these tiles.


Joan asked to paint an extra tile for her recently departed husband, she really did a beautiful job.

Did you paint a tile already? Leave a comment telling us the story behind your “mark.”



Make [Y]Our Mark at Children’s Discovery

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Teagan Lucas, one of Vadnais Heights’ youngest citizens, “signs” her tile as part of the city’s Make [Y]Our Mark mosaic mural project at Children’s Discovery Academy of Early Learning, an integral member of the Vadnais Heights community for about 25 years. Vadnais Heights resident Marty Welch owns and operates Children’s Discovery, experts in providing educationally focused child care from infants to school-age children.

Setting a Community Table

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We collected tablecloths, cups, saucers, napkins and placemats from the community and used this collage of artifacts to decorate the Make [Y]Our Mark Work Tables.  It has been fun to watch the place settings evolve over time.