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#QIS2014 will be held on Friday, April 4th, 2014, at Columbia University’s School of Journalism in New York City.  We’ll meet at Pulitzer Hall (2950 Broadway) in the 3rd floor Lecture Hall, one level up from the main lobby.

In the morning, we’ll ask people who are activists, artists and representatives of queer organizations to talk about their work, and where they see challenges and opportunities for the intersection of queer lives and technology.  This will be followed by small group discussions  that allow people time to think through these questions. In the afternoon, we’ll start with Jack’s mapping project of queer space, and then have another round of  presentations, geared more explicitly towards theoretical and conceptual issues, hopefully in a way that responds to the discussions that arise in the morning session. This will be followed by another set of group discussions that we really want focused on making things – whether those are art projects, manifestos or outlines for papers.  It hopefully goes without saying that we plan on heading to a bar for more talking and thinking plus drinking after 4:30!

Time frame



9:30 to 10am

Welcome – Coffee and breakfast provided

10 to 10:15


Jack Gieseking + Jessa Lingel

10:15 to 11

Artists and activists – Projects in progress

Hassadah Damien (Interference Archives), Kalle Westerling (CLAGS), Merrie Cherry, Rachel Corbman (Lesbian Herstory Archives), Richard Cante (Moderator)

11 to 12

Group discussions


12 to 12:15

Report back


12:15 to 1:15

Lunch (provided)

1:15 to 2pm

Mapping queerness

Jack Gieseking

2 to 3

Queer theory responses – provocations for discussion

Bryce Renninger, David Phillips, Jacob Gaboury, Jessie Daniels, Margaret Galvan, Jack Gieseking (moderator)

3 to 4:15

Generative group work


4:15 to 4:30

Report back, next steps!


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NYC 4/4/14 @ CU

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