Research Project

The research begins with the annotated bibliography which in turn helps to build the first solid draft of a research project outline. Both of these assignments will afford support in writing the research project literature review. See below for more details.

  1. Annotated Bibliography entries will be completed for class readings and reading you bring together that interest you on a specific topic. These will review major terms and ideas, critique these ideas and tenets, and analyze their application to design practice. You will first provide me with a list of materials you plan to review (Oct. 22), and then second review them using the online platform Zotero (Oct. 29). Zotero will allow you to begin to build your own online library of key and cutting edge work while including your own notes and structuring the readings into lists useful to you.
  2. Research Project Outline will list the possible research questions (from 3 to 15 at this stage), three literatures of interest to inform this research question with lists of resources you have identified already, lists of possible methods to use, and a two paragraph summary of what is at stake in answering this research question. The document will be one to two pages in length (Nov.26).
  3. Research Project Literature Review will represent the preliminary research stage and will demonstrate the students’ ability to find independent research in the area of their interest. It will demonstrate the ability to hone a topic and identify other researchers who offer seminal views on that topic, while creating an argument that moves design research and practice forward. The final paper will be eight pages in length, including the works cited and up to two medium-sized images (Dec. 17).

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