Queer Internet Studies Workshop: Key Objectives in a Nut Shell

We’re very excited to have the Queer Internet Studies Workshop coming together, and are currently in the process of confirming a really terrific group of writers, thinkers and makers.  Thanks to the awesome support of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation and Just Publics 365 we’re pulling together a one day series of conversations, presentations and art-making.  As we gear up for April 4, we thought we’d spell out our main objectives for the QIS workshop.

+More than anything else, we want to bring together people working on different components of queerness and technology.  In academia, queer studies and internet studies are areas of scholarship that span a number of disciplines, which sometimes means that people end up working in isolated silos rather than collaborative conversations.

+In addition to providing a space for those conversations to happen among academics, we’re bringing artists and activists (who have their own experiences of silos!) who do work that in some way draws together queer issues and technology.  We believe that awesome things happen when you invite people with different experiences and backgrounds to participate in robust, complex discussions.

If you’d like to join us, just fill out this form.  Space is limited, so we’re doing this on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Looking forward to seeing you in April!

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